Cancellation insurance cover

Preparing for an ultratriathon means long and time-consuming preparation for the participants. Ultimately, participation is also associated with sometimes considerable costs. As an organizing team, we have spent a long time looking at how we can offer our participants the greatest possible security. Together with our long-time insurance partners Langmann & Partner we were able to work out a cancellation protection insurance for the ULTRA TRIATHLON Bad Radkersburg through the Europäische Reiseversicherung. For a few Euros (3-5 percent of the entry fee) registered starters can get this insurance cover.

Wo bin ich versichert?

Insured is

the non-attendance of our event for the following reasons:

Not insured is

What are my obligations?
When and how do I pay?
When does coverage begin and end?
How can I cancel the contract?
Where can I sign up for the insurance?

The insurance can be purchased at Just enter the amount of the paid entry fee and follow the further instructions of the form.