Regulations 2024


Conditions of participation:

Athletes must be at least 18 years of age and have a sufficient level of athletic ability. With their registration they confirm this. The submission of the waiver and the acceptance of the Covid-19 prevention concept of the Austrian Triathlon Federation (ÖTRV) is mandatory. We will inform you extensively about the exact specifications of the antigen test/vaccination proof/proof of recovery/green passport to be carried out as soon as the details are fixed. The form for this can be found under “Competition” and “Downloads”.  We presuppose orderly and truthful entries in the registration documents! Please announce a swim time for the division of the swimming lanes, which corresponds to the realistic performance level!


For all competitions (SINGLE, DOUBLE, TRIPLE) the sport regulations of the Austrian Triathlon Association and the regulations of the International Triathlon Association IUTA are valid. In a few points we have adapted the regulations to the special circumstances of the Ultra Triathlon:

  • Nutrition during the swim at the poolside (also by the attendant) is allowed.
  • Supervision/administration of food by a caregiver is allowed within the paddock.
  • Accompaniment of the athlete on the run course is allowed to a fair extent if there are safety reasons.
  • Accompanying the athlete on the bike course by car and bicycle is prohibited!
  • Outside help in case of defects on the bike course by colleagues or called supervisors is allowed.
  • The slipstream box of 12 meters applies, riding side by side is not allowed.
  • The anti-doping rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA and those of the International Ultra Triathlon Association IUTA apply.


The current schedule can be seen here.

1. Swimming

The swim starts according to the current schedule (exact start time will be announced in time before the event) in the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg. The change to the bike will take place in the area of the Pakrtherme near the pool. The transition area will be set up here before the start.

The pool is a FINA-certified 50-meter outdoor pool. There are 76 lengths (SINGLE ULTRA), 152 lengths (DOUBLE ULTRA) or 228 lengths (TRIPLE ULTRA) to be covered. Laps will be counted by lap counters. Refreshments during the swim are allowed at the poolside on the opposite side of the start/ timing area.

1.1 The wearing of a cold protection suit (neoprene) is allowed, but not obligatory. In case of low outside temperatures, the Jury reserves the decision to require the use of cold protection suits. Other aids like fins, snorkels or paddles are not allowed.

1.2 A maximum of one attendant is allowed in the transition area and at the poolside.

1.3 Time limit for the swim: 

  • SINGLE ULTRA: 2:45 hours
  • DOUBLE ULTRA: 4:00 hours
  • TRIPLE ULTRA: 6:00 hours

2. Cycling

After the swim the transition to the bike will take place next to the pool in the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg. The transition area ends at the beginning of the feeder course. About 50 meters have to be covered pushing the bike on a meadow before the climb onto the bike is allowed. After reaching the Mount Line, there is a transfer of 1.5 kilometers on a bike path along the Mur River that is not open to traffic, as well as a short stretch on public roads. After this feeder, the cycling part begins with 22/44/66 laps of 8,2 kilometers each. The laps amount is official after official measurement.

(Attention – due to a major construction site whose completion has been delayed, we will ride on a new bike route in 2022. More about this under point “Course“). The route is in large parts similar to last year, only the part towards Zelting and the narrow part towards Dedenitz will be replaced by a reversible route on the wide road and a generous turnaround directly at the border crossing Sicheldorf.

Note: In 2023 we will most likely return to the original bike course (10.5km). With new asphalt, mood nests and some other improvements. We will of course communicate the final route to you in advance.

2.1 Behavior on the bike course

The bike course is on good, flat roads with little traffic. However, the course is not closed to road traffic and the STVO (Road Traffic Regulations) apply. There are no traffic lights or active level crossings on the route, but there are some intersections and traffic circles where attention is required and the priority rules must be strictly observed. The instructions of the executive and the marshals must be followed. Throwing away bike bottles or food outside the marked area in the paddock will lead to disqualification without exception. The course is to be viewed online in advance and marked with signs during the competition. Each athlete is responsible for the knowledge of the course and orientation. 

2.2 Lighting/equipment

From 7 p.m. on the competition course only with light to use. In the direction of travel, a white permanent light must be mounted on the bike (not flashing, recognizable from a distance of at least 100m). The light may be battery or accumulator operated. However, the rider must be able to be adequately illuminated at all times and replace the lights or batteries as needed. The light must be mounted on the bike. A helmet light is optional, but is not sufficient as the sole light source. A red steady or flashing light must be mounted on the bike as a tail light, which must be turned on as of 7:00 p.m. mandatory and must be visible from at least 150m away. It is recommended that reflective clothing be worn and/or reflective strips be placed on the bike and equipment during the night hours. Wearing a crash helmet is mandatory at all times when the bike is used by the rider. The race number must be worn on the back and must always be visible in order to be registered by the officials and marshals and to be recognized as a race participant by any motorists present. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that his bike and equipment meet all safety standards. The organizer or the judges reserve the right to prohibit participants from continuing between 19:00 and 07:00 if the lighting is insufficient.

2.3 Drafting rules/penalties

Cycling is a single time trial without any personal escort. Slipstreaming behind or alongside a participant or other non-motorized or motorized vehicles is prohibited. The minimum distance between the front wheel of the front participant and the front wheel of the rear athlete is 12 meters, laterally it is 2 meters. The overtaking process must be completed after 30 seconds. Overtaken athletes are responsible for restoring the distance and can only then start an overtaking process again. Motorized race marshals from the Austrian Triathlon Federation (ÖTRV) will ensure that the rules are followed while cycling. In case of slipstreaming an 8-minute penalty will be pronounced, which has to be served in the transition area after completion of the bike part. Further penalties may be imposed for additional offenses. The timekeeping chip must be worn for the entire duration of the race. Passing on the timing chip to other persons (with the exception of exchange by officials) leads to immediate disqualification.

2.4 Electronic devices

The use of electronic devices such as cell phones or the use of headphones for music or telephone is not allowed during the cycling competition. For safety reasons, a cell phone may be carried, but its use during the ride is prohibited. The use of cycling computers/navigation devices is allowed, but in all cases care must be taken that no distraction is caused by their use.

2.5 Guarding/storage

Each participant or his/her crew is responsible for his/her own safety and equipment. The organizer is not liable for any damage or loss or theft of equipment.  There is no permanent transition area after the completion of the bike part. The bike and the bike equipment must be kept by the crew. 

3. Running

After completing the bike part, the athlete changes from the bike to the running shoes in the zone designated in the paddock. Any time penalties given on the bike course must be served here. The bike will be taken into custody by the coach and will not remain in the transition area. The running has an official length of 1.973,6 meter and will always past the paddock.  Wearing reflective clothing at night is recommended. The course is sufficiently illuminated throughout, for your own safety you can use your own light. Accompaniment on the running course is in principle not allowed, but possible, should it serve the safety of the respective athlete. Accompaniment on bicycles, scooters etc. is not allowed. Participants can either run or walk, the use of any aids is prohibited. All commercially available types of running shoes may be used, including carbon shoes. Final number of laps according to official measurement: SINGLE ULTRA: 22 laps, DOUBLE ULTRA 43 laps, TRIPLE ULTRA 65 laps

Time limits: 

  • SINGLE ULTRA: 30 hours
  • DOUBLE ULTRA: 38 hours

4. timekeeping

Timekeeping will be done by the organizer by means of chip measurement. Only the lap and length numbers prescribed in the announcement and at the race briefing are valid. Bike or run computers may of course be used, but are only used for the organizer’s own control. Officials can change the chips after the cycling or during the running event if necessary to guarantee the functionality of the timekeeping. Lap times and lap numbers will be available for the officials in the paddock. The chip must be handed over to the timekeeper after finishing the event.

5. General

5.1 Competitors may interrupt the competition at any point of the course, but it must be resumed at that point. Breaks are possible during all disciplines. If the competition is interrupted for more than 30 minutes, the race management must be informed. In case of premature abandonment of the competition, the race management must also be informed and the chip must be returned. A non-registration leads to disqualification. If the race is resumed after a longer break, the race management has to be informed as well.
5.2 The official supervisor must be reachable by telephone for the competition management during the entire race duration. The telephone number has to be given at the registration.
5.3 The participants have to make sure that they know the rules and regulations. The online race briefing will be sent out by mail in the days before the race and is to be considered mandatory. It is part of the Covid 19 prevention concept of the ÖTRV and is an additional service for the participants to be able to adjust to the conditions in peace.
5.4 Participants are required to bring a signed waiver to the registration or fill it out on site. An official document must also be brought along.
5.5 Doping controls may be carried out both before and after the race without prior notice. Participants are subject to the anti-doping guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA and the Austrian Anti-Doping Agency NADA. In case of doping controls, the support person must be present and the tested athlete must identify himself/herself. 
5.6 The organizer is not liable for accidents, damages and theft.
5.7 Holders of an annual license of the Austrian Triathlon Federation ÖTRV have an accident insurance for the event with this license. All other participants have to buy a day license of the Austrian Triathlon Federation or the Styrian Triathlon Federation STTRV at the registration. This license costs 20 Euro and also includes the accident insurance for this event. Holders of an annual license of another international triathlon federation must also buy this license. Teams and relays have to buy only one day license for 20 Euro.
5.8 The organizer does not assume any liability for the health risks of the participant in connection with the participation in the competition. The participant bindingly declares that for health reasons there are no doubts against the participation in the requested competition and that he is in an appropriate training condition. The participant accepts that he/she can be taken out of the race by the race doctor or the race director in case of signs of health damage.  
5.9 The participant agrees that the photos, film recordings and interviews made in connection with his/her participation may be passed on, distributed and published in radio, television, print media, books, photomechanical reproductions, also for the purpose of advertising without any claim to remuneration. The personal data collected with the registration will be stored and passed on for the purpose of carrying out and processing the event. The participant agrees to the publication of his/her name, first name, year of birth, club, start number and results in all print media and electronic media relevant to the event.
5.9 In case of non-attendance or cancellation of the event due to force majeure, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the organization fee. 
5.10. The Covid-19 prevention and hygiene concept prepared by the organizer and described in the next point (and continuously updated) must be fully complied with by both athletes and coaches. We recommend that participants read point 7 (Covid-19 concept) at regular intervals, as we can also strengthen or possibly also relax this concept at short notice to suit the current situation.
5.11. All participants will be honored at the winners’ brunch. There will be special prizes for the first 3 placed women and men as well as relay teams. There are no age categories. The organizer reserves the right to award special prizes for exceptional performances.
5.12. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules or to change the routes at short notice.
5.13. In case of less than 20 registrations, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the event. Already paid fees will be fully refunded in this case.

5.14. All participints of the DOUBLE und TRIPLE Ultra Triathlon must sighn the IUTA Waiver at the registration. This waiver will be available at the registration gut can also be downloaded here. Signing this waiver is mandatory – no start is possible if the waiver is not signed.

5.15. For reasons of better readability, the masculine form is mostly chosen in the rules and regulations in German language. Of course, the information refers to both genders. 

6. covid-19

The organizers and the sanctioning body ÖTRV have great experience in running triathlon events during the Covid-19 pandemic. The organizer team was able to successfully conduct a total of four triathlon events during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic years.
The ULTRA TRIATHLON Bad Radkersburg adheres to the always current guidelines of the ÖTRV concept, which was worked out in coordination with the Austrian Ministry of Health. Furthermore, we as organizers must and will adhere to the legal requirements valid at this time. All participants commit to comply with (if necessary) the Covid19 prevention concept.