Registration 2022

Mindestalter für die Teilnahme 18 Jahre
Select the desired type of competition here. With the registration I commit myself to pay the starting fee. Only after payment is the starting place guaranteed.
Finisher-Shirts are unisex
Supporter-Shirts are unisex
Here you can upload an action or portrait picture (jpg, gif or png, max. 10MB) for our race booklet or website. Please make sure that you have the rights for the picture and that the image has a reasonable size that we can use for printing. Of course you can also send us a picture later to
Conditions of Participation/Liability/AGB: With my registration, I acknowledge the organizers' exclusion of liability for damages of any kind. I will not make any claims against the organizers, sponsors or their representatives, or the adjudicating authority for damages and injuries of any kind that may occur to me as a result of my participation. I declare that I have trained sufficiently for the participation in this competition, that I am physically healthy and that the material used by me in the competition has been checked by me. In case of non-participation (also due to illness or injury) there will be no refund. In cases of higher force or due to official order or for safety reasons the organizer is entitled or obligated to make changes in the execution of the event or to cancel it. In such cases, the organizer is not liable for damages or reimbursement to me. The exception is a premature cancellation of the event due to the Covid pandemic. In this case, the organizer's money-back guarantee applies in the event of cancellation by August 1. This guarantee is only valid in case of complete cancellation of the event, but not for possible quarantine regulations or travel restrictions of the participant. I am obliged to buy a day license of the Austrian Triathlon Federation (exception: Austrian Triathlon Federeration annual license holder) and to buy a rental chip from the organizer for a fee. I acknowledge that the bike and run course is not closed and that the STVO (Road Traffic Regulations) applies at all times. I further accept the regulations issued by the organizer and the sanctioning association as well as the Covid19 prevention and hygiene concept. I accept that my data can be passed on to the responsible authorities for official follow-up in the course of a possible contact-tracing. The organizer guarantees careful and responsible handling of the data.