Athletes 2021

Einzelstartplätze vergeben 100%

We are speechless – we have reached the participant limit of 40 individual starting slots and are therefore officially SOLD OUT!

Since we still have a few requests that we would like to give the chance to be part of our premiere, we have decided on the following approach: As we have not had a lot of entries for the teams so far, we are setting the total number of participants, whether individual or relay, at 50 in total. This means that we will definitely close when we have reached the number of 50. At the moment we have a total of 42 participants. If a specialist relay team registers, the number of available spots will be reduced by 3 spots, if a two-person team registers by 2 spots and if a single entrant registers by one spot. We hope to have found a fair solution with this and to still give one or the other the chance. There can be no further expansion of the contingents from our side, as we have already ordered everything for the participants in this number! We are looking forward to a sold-out premiere with athletes from 11 nations! 


36| Eleo Leonard

Teams 2021

Michael Putz
Team ATSV Tri-Ternitz
Eva-Maria Bauer
Team ATSV Tri-Ternitz